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Ready to start your business? You need a Registered Agent!
Registered Agents are the first point of contact for your business. They are authorized to receive legal documents like government correspondences or compliance issues on behalf of your business. Registered Agents are required for all limited liability companies and Texas corporations, ready to register with the Texas Secretary of State.

Not all registered agents are the same. First Registered Agent of Texas is seamlessly situated within Rosenblatt Law Firm, allowing First Registered Agent to confirm receipt of all served documents and quickly send you received documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The registered agent’s job is to receive service of process or any other official notices or demands on behalf of the company. Texas law requires any entity to be formed or registered under Texas law to designate an individual or organization authorized to receive service.

If the company fails to designate a proper registered office, or the registered agent cannot with reasonable diligence be found at the registered office, then the plaintiff or other serving party may serve the company by serving the Secretary of State (who is always easy to find). This means that official service of process may occur without the immediate or prompt knowledge of the business. Precious time to answer the lawsuit may be lost, and a costly default judgment may be the consequence.