Daughter supporting mother lying on hospital bed


On April 9, 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott temporarily suspended certain statutes to allow for appearances before notary public via video conference. Rosenblatt Law Firm can get certain estate planning documents executed for our clients remotely if necessary.

Review Your Medical Power of Attorney and Directive to Physicians

In the event you cannot make your own medical decisions because of an illness such as COVID-19, your Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) allows you to appoint an agent to make health decisions on your behalf. Do you want heroic measures, such as intubation, to be taken in the event you cannot breathe on your own? If you have an existing MPOA, is the person named as agent still the person you trust the most to make your health care decisions? We recommend you review your MPOA to ensure it reflects your current wishes and names the person you trust the most to make health care decisions on your behalf.

A Directive to Physicians, also known as a “Living Will,” designates your personal decisions concerning life-prolonging treatment in the event you are diagnosed with a terminal condition. Do you wish for respirators to be used to help you breathe? Do you wish to be kept alive with artificial life support or to receive artificially administered nutrition and hydration? These are difficult and thought-provoking questions that should be made ahead of time with your loved ones.

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