Practice Areas

Established in 2005 with a mission to supply clients with superior business-oriented legal advice, Rosenblatt Law Firm provides services to clients in the following areas of practice.

Business Law

Rosenblatt Law Firm is comprised of Business-Minded Attorneys representing business entities and business owners alike. Entity information is only the first step. A strong foundation provides the stability for business to be prepared for all incidents.


A stable employment plan is essential for businesses with one employee or a thousand. Employment issues are generally both expensive and time-consuming. Rosenblatt Law Firm's employment lawyers stride to help bring a quick resolution to any disputes that arise.

Dealer Contracts

Rosenblatt Law Firm advocates on behalf of alarm dealer clients. This unique area of the law requires well-versed attorneys able to help navigate potential pitfalls or address unavoidable problems to help protect revenue streams and achieve legal compliance. Enlisting the services of attorneys who are well-versed in this unique area of law can help navigate potential pitfalls and appropriately handle those that cannot be avoided.

Oil & Gas

Rosenblatt Law Firm’s Oil & Gas expertise provides our clients with in-depth representation every day. Having experienced legal counsel like the oil and gas lawyers at Rosenblatt Law Firm can make a difference in your success.

Trademark & Copyright

Your business’ reputation lies not only in your business practices but in your brand and how it is presented to the public. The trademark & copyright lawyers at Rosenblatt Law Firm are committed to protecting you and your company’s brand. Our trademark and copyright attorneys are here to guide you on your journey through the process from start to finish.


Do you need to take a trial court record to the appellate court for an appeal? Our team of experts can help you in the reviewal and analysis phase of the trial court record appeal!


Rosenblatt Law Firm construction lawyers represent clients in all areas of commercial and public construction projects and any litigation needs that may arise. Construction projects generally involve signing contracts. Our lawyers assist our clients in drafting and reviewing those contracts to protect our clients’ interests when problems arise.

Exit Planning

Your business is more than a lifetime of hard work; it’s your heart’s work. Whether your business is moving to the next generation, current employees, or completely new ownership, planning for the transition is essential. Rosenblatt Law Firm’s expert exit planning lawyers are fully prepared to customize the right plan for you—accounting for your future plans, taking into consideration your concerns, raising questions that should be addressed, and more.


At Rosenblatt Law Firm, our litigation lawyers provide our clients with experienced counsel in diverse types of civil litigation. Our firm strives to maintain its reputation as a personal-service law firm, giving each client and case the detailed attention it needs and deserves during the dispute resolution process.

Real Estate

Rosenblatt Law Firm real estate lawyers have significant experience in creating homeowners’ associations and advising the homeowners as to their rights and duties.

Probate Estate Planning

Often times, people assume that estate planning is only for the “wealthy” or the “elderly”, but the truth is, putting an estate plan in place should be a priority for everyone. Having a plan not only helps to expedite the probate process, but also eases the burdens, costs, and expenses for our loved ones left behind. Estate planning with the Rosenblatt Law Firm benefits not only you but also those you love, and as such, is a responsibility our attorneys take very seriously.


Mergers and acquisitions are vital agreements focused on domestic and global transactions that aim to consolidate businesses of two or more companies through legal operations. Let our team of business-minded legal professionals help you set up the proper merger or acquisition for the best possible outcome.



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