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The ROSENBLATT LAW FIRM has been advocating on behalf of alarm dealer clients for decades. If you need the services of an experienced dealer contract lawyer, we offer free consultations regarding how we might best serve your needs. RLF provides a broad range of legal services running from company formation, product diversification, standard forms, and business expansion to placing an alarm dealer business for sale. We offer contracts that can be utilized in 50 states.

Many alarm dealerships are successful because of their solid sales teams, business practices, well-drafted contracts, and subscriber agreements. A viable customer list of subscribers is often the lifeblood of an alarm dealer. Offering a well-drafted subscription agreement is critical for both monthly revenues in the short-term and long-term success if a sale becomes necessary.

Subscriber agreements should ideally establish terms for maintenance and service, include language to help limit the company’s legal risks, and help promote its ongoing streams of revenue. Subscriber contracts offer an alarm dealership the greatest amount of protection possible, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Billing and auto-renewal rules

  • Cancellation notices, including timeliness and necessary wording

  • Liability and warranty clauses

  • Terms of agreement

  • Indemnity clauses

  • Requirements for state complaints

Taking steps for create strong subscriber agreements can be key for an alarm dealer’s success. Although a dealer may not be thinking about future sales when contracts are drafted, potential sales may be shut down when a prospective buyer dislikes some element of existing subscriber agreements. Avoiding problematic terms and language early on can help reduce the likelihood of such failures at a later date.

A dealer contract lawyer can help in many other areas besides creating a solid subscriber agreement. Other contracts and dealer agreements often need to be drafted or reviewed if prepared by another party. Litigation may come into play simply by being in the business industry, including personal injury or property damage.  ROSENBLATT LAW FIRM has provided assistance to other dealers for issues including:

  • Negotiating contract disputes with vendors

  • Providing standard contracts for customer

  • Drafting cease and desist letters if former employees try to solicit customers

  • Ensuring compliance with applicable state and federal labor laws

  • Assisting in the sale of dealer contracts to outside parties

  • Helping alarm dealers with mergers and acquisitions

  • Advising on intellectual property, such as copyright and trademark matters

One of our primary goals in representing alarm dealerships is to help protect revenue streams and achieve legal compliance. Enlisting the services of attorneys who are well-versed in this unique area of law can help navigate potential pitfalls and appropriately handle those that cannot be avoided.



If you need to consult with a dealer contract lawyer, one of the experienced attorneys at  ROSENBLATT LAW FIRM may be able to help. We offer decades of experience in advocating for alarm dealerships across a broad range of legal issues. To arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact us online or call (210) 562-2900.



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  • Draft cease and desist letters preventing former employees from soliciting customers

  • Prevent potential violations of state and federal law through active review of employee compensation issues

  • Assist in the sale of alarm dealer contracts to third-parties

  • Successfully negotiate and settle contract disputes between alarm dealers and vendors