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Whether you are a General Contractor or a Sub-Contractor working on residential or commercial properties you may be able to protect your rights through a mechanics lien.  Depending on the type of project, you may need some pre-planning, but in many cases you can preserve your rights and ensure payments.  If you have not been paid for the work you have performed, or for materials you have delivered to a construction project, you have the right to file a mechanics lien to secure your payment.

The law places several deadlines that must be strictly followed in order to preserve your rights.  Some of the most important deadlines are tied to the 15th day of the month.  Sending notice late, or filing a mechanics lien even a day late may jeopardizes your ability to be paid in full.    Rosenblatt Law Firm can help you prepare all the notices and affidavits required in order to help you get paid and stay in business.   Given the current economy and risks to payment, you should know and protect your rights.

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